May 24, 2024

How to detect if someone is sexually attracted to you ?

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To find out if someone is sexually attracted to you is quite simple if you notice certain signs. Sometimes, the opposite sex may through these clues let you know their feelings but not everyone would decode them.

Understanding the body language of the opposite sex could let them know what they want. Besides, humans utilize nonverbal communication to express their interest in you.

Meanwhile, if you’re not sure, here are some signals that someone is interested in you sexually:

Contacts You Often

When a pleasant touch persists for an additional second, you’ll know it’s a friendly touch. He/She is indicating that she wants to get in contact with you more intimately if they touch your arm, neck, or face. She may even touch her own body to call your attention to it.

Casually brings up Sex topic

Do not dismiss this indication if your opposite sex speaks about what turns them on. Remember such information can only be told to a person who cares. Besides, it takes two to tangle. Not to mention, sex is a topic is not discussed with everyone.

Keeps Gazing at Always

Eye contact is a green light that the opposite sex wants a relationship with you. They will look you in the eyes and reply to what you’re saying. Assuming it’s a girl, she could even offer you a sexy expression. For instance, if she isn’t interested in you, she will often glance away and pay little attention to what you are saying and this indicates she has an interest in you.


Detecting if someone is sexually attracted to you is quite easy if you easily notice things around you. But, above all, the next time you’re out with the opposite sex, pay attention to their body language, because that is the highest factor that proves someone is sexually attracted to you.

Finally, when you notice any of those signs listed here, then it means you may have a secret admirer. Make sure your partner consents to a sexual relationship, don’t just assume. Visit Jerkmatetv and see how lovers roll.

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