April 22, 2024

Simple Strategies to Reignite the Spark in Your Marriage

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Marriages can get tough with life’s pressures: work, travel, family commitments, and conflicts. We hustle through each day and suddenly realize, “Hmm, something’s off.” It’s not rare to hear someone say, “I don’t feel as connected to my partner anymore.” Here are some easy ways I’ve picked up over the years to reignite the romance in a marriage that’s lost its spark.

Start Dating Again

A basic brown-bag dinner, a walk by the lake, or a cozy cappuccino at a café can do the trick. Or, just put the kids to bed and have a chat. You can also revisit the things you used to enjoy when you first started dating. For instance, catch a movie, go to the theater, or have a romantic dinner.

Make Yourself Attractive

Irony alert: If you improve your appearance, you will likely see that your spouse becomes more attractive. Changes in your appearance often lead to changes in your partner, just as positive behaviors produce positive reactions.

Please see below for other suggestions.

  • Join your friends at the gym.
  • Three to five walks a week with your partner is ideal.
  • Throw out your old sleepwear/pajamas and buy new ones.
  • Change habits.
  • Change your hairstyle or shave the beard.
  • Try new glasses or contact lenses

Make a list

What makes you attracted to someone? What was it that first attracted you to a partner? What do you like about your partner? What catches your attention?

Communicate Your Desires to Your Spouse

Approach this in a gentle and understanding way.

You might say, “Hey, let’s switch things up a bit. We’ve both fallen into a routine. Over time, we’ve lost some of our excitement. Let’s change how we communicate. Give each other a call during the day. Let’s change up our look. How about we take an evening stroll together?”

Do Your Research

The attraction does not happen during a marriage. It’s something that has to be worked on. Education and communication are often the first steps in bringing back attraction. You can find books and articles online that will help you revive romance and attraction.

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