July 16, 2024

A Quick Guide On How To Give erotic massage London

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Sexual pleasure is very important in any mature relationship. Being intimate with your partner should be given utmost priority to ensure that the relationship will stay strong and fruitful. With this in mind, foreplay is as important as climax which is why couples must always keep things spicy in the bedroom.

How To Create A More Sensual Night For Your Partner

Quickies are good and quite exciting. However, an intimate night with your partner must also be given a lot of effort and this is not just for special occasions. One of the best ways to set the mood is to give your partner an erotic or sensual massage.

As we all know, a good massage can always relieve stress and tension. And when you add it to your sexy bedroom activity; then you are bound for one pleasurable experience. Here are some tips to liven up your mundane sex life:

  1. Set the mood in your room

Create a relaxing yet sexy atmosphere in your room by adding candles and the right music. The room must also have the right temperature to make you and your partner feel more comfortable. Put on your sexy lingerie and better change the sheets to make it more relaxing and sensual.

  1. Use aromatherapy oils for massage

Massage oils are great because it allows you to glide smoothly over your partner’s body. Choose the right scent that will excite the senses such as lavender or peppermint. These oils are also great since they contain properties that can aid in healing and will help your partner go into a relaxed mood quickly.

  1. Get help from the experts

If you do not know anything about giving a massage then you may want to first try out erotic massage London. You can first book a private service with one of their experts so you will know their techniques or if you want a less risky route, then you can just do a quick Google search on how to perform an erotic massage.

  1. Find your partner’s erogenous zones

Start by massaging your partner’s feet which are very sensitive to touch. You may want to skip this if your partner is ticklish but it’s definitely worth a try. To get things going, massage the sensitive parts of the body such as the buttocks or groin area and make sure to do it in a circular motion.

This will produce a wonderful sensation in your partner and will make them feel aroused. And for the last part, massage their private parts gently with loving strokes and you can even add a bit of tongue action to make them yearn for more.

  1. Take cues from your partner

If they moan when you touch them in a particular area; then that is a good indication that they are getting turned on. Pay attention to their reaction every time you perform an action. You can also communicate with your partner and find out their sexual fantasies and be ready to indulge them.

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