May 24, 2024

Visiting Paris With an Escort Girl

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Paris is a city known by many names. It has been called the the City of Love and the City of lights. Also, it has a romantic notion about it. There is a belief held by many authors, poets and travelers , which makes Paris the most romantic city in the world. What about all of the the sex though? What is romance without great sex? What kind of a vacation for an attractive, adventurous couple isn’t filled with one or two wild sex stories and adventures? hire an escort girl in Paris on the net?

Paris is a sexy city with a history of sex and fun. It is full of red light districts, very active swinger clubs and brothels from the 19th century. If you are a couple planning a hot, sexy getaway, then here is what Paris has to offer.

Make Reservations to See an Authentic French Cabaret Show

A cabaret show in Paris is famous for being one of the most popular and arousing type attractions the City of Sex has to offer. If you decide to go this route, then you really should spend an evening at the Crazy Horse. It has been around for over half a century, and it has been entertaining tourists and locals with its signature show called the Art of Nude for just as long. Moulin Rouge is can’t miss show cabaret, and there are several other sexy and glamorous venues, which could cause a couple a most delicious tingle.

Tour Paris’ Erotic Museum

Right before you get to the Moulin Rouge in the delicious Pigalle sex district, there is a delightful place to take in some arousing culture. Joseph Khalif and Alain Plumy started a museum known as the Paris Museum of Eroticism. There is sex on display from wall to wall. Everything from artwork to artifacts are housed within the confines of the erotic temple. If you and your partner are spiritual people, then there are all sacred, sexual objects. You do not want to miss any fetish displays, sex comics or anal jewelry either. Those items are half the fun. In the event you and your partner insist on going, the address is provided below.

Enjoy a Shopping Spree at a Sex Supermarket

Normal couples always go shopping on holiday. so why should your sex-themed vacation be any different? Sexual markets are known as Supermarché de Charme Concorde. They have everything you can possibly imagine an adult store should have. They exception to these markets is they’re in low-key Parisian neighborhoods. If you guys want to take a tour of the markets and do some local shopping, then the locations have been generously provided:

Mingle With Other Couples at an Upscale Swinger’s Club

Paris is not an uptight city when it comes to selling or trading sex, and there are several singer clubs you and your lover will probably find arousing to the say the least but most likely orgasmic. Paris is known for being the city to find love in, but it is also the city where a lot of love making can be found too especially with an escort girl. Legally, brothels are just fine because of no pimping, and they are like swinger’s clubs in this regard. People and couples like yourself go to meet other consenting adults to mingle with so to speak. Here are some famous, must-visit swinger locales:

The Les Chandelles has the reputation of being the most exclusive club. There is a good chance your couple will see a celebrity too. The price is about €250 per couple. The €250 basic fee will net you dinner and sex, and there is no telling what else can happen if more money is spent there.

The 2 Plus 2 singer club has a long history of partner swapping, which will instill confidence in its safety and quality. It is a fixture in the Parisian sexual community. It has been in successful operation for over four decades.

The Château des Lys is considered the most historic establishment of its kind. The 2 + 2 club may have been open the longest, but Château des Lys is in a historic building known as the Clignancourt Porcelain Factory. The factory dates back to the 18th century. It would be quite a story to say you had sex in historic location dating back hundreds of years.

If your happen to be a really adventurous couple, the WE is the the place for you. Anything and everything sexual is on display, and there will be pleasure there you will won’t experience ever again. It is seven stories of pure carnality, and one of the seven stories is made entirely out of glass for the ultimate experience for exhibitionists and voyeurs.

These are some of the finest finds and destinations for a couple-themed sexual holiday. There are some secret and famous places in this article, but is it all? No. Paris has much more sexual, erotic and perverse experiences and places to offer. Don’t pass up a holiday up in Paris.

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