June 22, 2024

Check my blog- Pornography does not mean that women have to be subjugated to a high level of violence

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In the last few years, women searched and watched hardcore porn stuff like gangbang, BDSM, rough sex, and bondage. Rough sex and DP are at the top of the list. Women are shifting their attention to rough sex and DP from the old-time favorite romantic videos. All these types make up the top ten lists for women, while gangbang remains the most-watched for men. It is time to realize porn is not any more taboo for women. With increasing access to digital porn, XXX sites are no more alpha male club; ladies are active participants.

It may be baffling to know women consume more hardcore porn. These videos are mainly aggressive to women and sometimes become acutely criminal in nature, but in spite, these are grabbing women’s attention. Some porn websites try to sell violence as fantasy. There are some explanations and theories behind this ongoing phenomenon. One idea cites these hardcore contents are a means to visualize sexual fantasies deriving from sexual culpability avoidance or profound sexual attractiveness. Another study assumes women who suffered from sexual or psychological violence have a greater liking for these hardcore videos. Whatever the theory may be, there is a close association between sexual assault and pornography.

It remains a fact women are watching more hardcore porn stuff, wherever may be the reason behind it. This trend shows hardcore is becoming a normalized version of porn and leading to escalating behavior. Habitual porn consumption tends to soar over time. This is due to porn`s addictive nature. To experience the same level of arousal, one tends to watch it more. Over time, only the extreme bondage, gangbang gives the required level of satisfaction. At some point, a paradox arises; one does not enjoy porn anymore but wants to watch it to seek the previous enjoyment.

Pornography does not mean that women have to be subjugated to a high level of violence. In the healthiest and loving relationship, the duo treats each other with respect and affection. The companionship must evoke a sense of security and belongingness. When hardcore pornography acts as sex inspiration, it can easily eradicate the line of sensibility and mutual consentCheck my blog to read other articles on hardcore porn.

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