July 16, 2024

Falling in Love with a Sex Doll: How does it Feel

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Making love with a sex doll feels so realistic. It feels like you’re riding a real woman. The lifelike beauty makes a great companion in both life and bed.

When the sex doll industry was in its infancy stage, these silicone wives would be nothing more than an instrument to satisfy sexual cravings. But today, a silicone sex doll can walk, talk and even moan. Thanks to the advancing technology that enables companies like BBDoll Shop to make lifelike adult dolls!

Today, sex dolls are not just meant for intercourse but also make a great companion for their owners. In fact, there are many stories on the web about how some people fall in love with their love doll. It’s really surreal!

But what makes people develop a strong emotional and physical bond with a lifeless object? Here’s the answer:

You’re Enjoying a Fulfilling Sex Experience.

A partner who can fully satisfy your sexual craving is always lovable. And, lifelike love dolls are great at it. Put them in any desired sex position. Happy scissors, butterfly, doggy style, pushing tush, or even the kinky missionary!

Like a real partner, she will never say no or feel tired. So, you can have a long sex session with her – during the day or the whole night. You can go as wild as you imagine. Sounds so exciting and fulfilling, no?

And, when she makes you happy and fulfilled, it’s easy to fall in love with your love doll.

You Feel Eutrophic.

Are you feeling happy since the day she has come into your life? You constantly feel so happy, and the world appears vivid.

Well, this might be because you’re in love with your charming silicone sex doll. A constant feeling of contentment is just inexplicable in words. This is how it sounds when you fall in love with your sex doll.

You Develop a Spontaneous Intimate Connection.

Intimacy is not just about sex. It has a much deeper and stronger meaning. Intimacy refers to a balanced physical bonding between two persons. That’s what sparks when you make love with an adult doll. Her lifelike skin and features turn shallow intercourse into passionate lovemaking.

As a result, your sex doll becomes your loving companion. She is no more an object to fulfil your carnal desires. Now, you’re in deep intimacy! You get to explore a magical sensation when you accept this true feeling for your love doll.

You’ve Someone to Hear you.

With a sex doll, you get a companion who’s always with you. We all have thoughts and ideas. But when there is no one with whom you can share your thoughts, it can take an emotional toll. To be expressive, you need someone towards whom you have a strong feeling.

If you own a sex doll, you’ll gradually open up to it. You’ll start treating her like a real person and share your deepest thoughts. It might start as reciting your daily routine in the office to telling your secrets.

Suddenly, you find yourself cracking jokes and telling stories to your love doll. You start believing that you can share just about anything with your doll that you can’t share with your family or friends. This is how love and trust blossom between a sex doll and the owner.

You Develop an Emotional Bond.

When you start feeling emotional for your sex doll, it’s when your mind fully accepts the doll as your better half. A few decades ago, people would believe that we couldn’t love or develop an emotional bond with a lifeless object.

But as people now fall in love with sex dolls, we can say that it’s not true anymore. Love is an emotion that accepts no boundaries. You can feel it for anybody and at any time. So, if you feel love and emotions for your silicone sex doll, it’s perhaps the most alive being for you on the earth.

But to feel a human-like bonding and love, you need a good-quality lifelike doll.

Choosing the Best Sex Doll for Lovemaking and Companionship

By finding the right adult doll, you can enjoy years of sexual pleasure and companionship. So, make sure you choose the right one. Here’s how to find the best sex doll for you:

Decide Your Preferences: At BBDoll Shop, you can choose from a wide variety of sex dolls. You can select any look, style, and size as per your taste and preferences. You’ve choices in terms of hair color, gender, boobs size, body type, and even ethnicity. Fantasy dolls are also available to become your next partner.

Set Your Budget: The next important step is to decide your budget. To be honest, a good-quality sex doll is going to be an investment. But it’s fully worth it. Don’t go for cheaper materials because this can be harmful to you. Moreover, they may not become your good companion because poor-quality sex dolls lack realistic features.

Maintenance: Like you need grooming to look good, your sex doll will also need cleaning and maintenance regularly. Once you’re done with the fun part, take time to clean it after each and every use. Otherwise, there is a risk of bacteria spreading, which is bad for both you and your adult doll.

If your doll has removable orifices, cleaning becomes very easy. Simply remove her mouth, ass, vagina, and clean it with lukewarm water.

Finally, choose the right weight. You don’t want to breath heavily after you lift her up in your arms and throw in the bed. So, choose a lightweight one. Even if you fantasize about a chubby girl or a muscular one, go for lightweight dolls only.

Once she is in and you start feeling for her, it’s hard not to fall in love with your sex doll.

Wrapping Up

There have been stories that people fall in love or even marry silicone sex dolls. It’s because they feel for it. Think it in this way – your sex doll is an artificial person. Everything else is the same. She can even moan while making love in bed!

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